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In, On, or At

Actualizado: 3 feb 2023

While talking about time in English, there are three words that are often used. In, on and At, are prepositions that support a relationship between two words in a sentence.

Other prepositions in English can be quite easy to understanding, like under, behind, next to, over, etc….

But these two letter prepositions, in on and at seem to cause the most confusion for people who are first learning english. Here is a cheat sheet for you to help you understand when to put them to their best use. Hola


Specific time -I went to bed at 9 -I came home at 7

Holiday period -Everyone seems happy at christmas time.


Days of the week -I will see you on Friday.

Specific days -I come back home ont the 30th.

Dates -We go to Aunt Sue’s on Christmas Day.


Months -My birthday is in August

Years -I was born in 1997

Seasons -I always go to the park In the spring

Length of time -I will be ready in 30 minutes

Centuries - Life was harder in the 15th century.

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