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10 Phrases You May Hear English Speakers From The USA Say.

Like most languages, the English language has a lot of slang and informal phrases. We have listed some of these common phrases that you many hear while speaking to someone from The United States. Familiarizing yourself with these terms may help you to gain total fluency in english, and have an easier time speaking to native speakers.

Think outside the box

You may hear this phrase in the United States while in school, in business or casual conversation. It is used to suggest thinking creatively or in new ways than the standard approach.

Example: I don't think this method is working we need to think outside the box

A Dime a Dozen

When something is cheap and common, they are a dime a dozen.

Example: These collectibles aren't worth anything, they are a dime a dozen these days.

Hit the nail on the head

When someone tells you 've hit the nail on the head, you have understood something precisely, or have done something perfectly. The idea comes from when you are using a hammer and hit it perfectly on top of the nail.

Example: You got it right, you hit the nail on the head.

Hit the books

Hitting the books means that you are going to study.

Example: I'm really behind on my homework so I need to hit the books.

No skin off my back

When someone says “no skin off my back” they are saying that a situation does not bother them, or doesn't affect them.

Example: Maria doesn't like me, but no skin off my back.

Piece of Cake

When something is easy, someone might say “this is a piece of cake”

Example: “I can show you how to use this machine, it's a piece of cake”

Lay of the Land

The most common use of this phrase is when someone is learning something new. For example, when you show up to your first day at a new job, someone may tell you “today you will just be getting comfortable and learning the lay of the land” as in you will be familiarizing yourself with how the company functions.

Example: Bob will be showing you around today, he will show you the lay of the land.

Break a leg

Someone may tell you to break a leg, and although it may sound like an insult it's actually wishing you good luck!

Example: You have a football game today right? Break a leg!”

It's not rocket science

This phrase is used to say something isn't that difficult Example: You can do it, it's not rocket science!

A walk in the park

Many people use this phrase as a way to describe something as easy.

Example: We can finish this quickly, it'll be a walk in the park.

Break a bill

When someone wants to get change they may ask you if you can break a bill for smaller bills. Like a 100 dollar bill for 20 dollar bills.

Example: They probably won't have much change at the fair, can you break a bill.

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